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Human beings thrive with support that makes them feel seen and heard. Unconditional care for one another gives a sense of trust that helps us navigate big life transitions with more compassion and ease. Birth is one of those transitions.

I am Rosanna and I chose to be a Doula, to be that unconditional support in pregnancy and birth. I believe you have all it takes to birth your child into this world. I see my role as being a reminder of that.

I was raised in the Netherlands and France and living in Portugal since 2018. I am the mother of three children of which the last one born in Lisbon. Each home birth was a unique and blissful experience. Last year I moved to Arrábida where I feel inspired by living in close connection with nature.

As a Birth Doula, an Art Therapist, and a Pre & Postnatal yoga graduate I weave the tools I learned together. Learning through experience is what I believe in. That is how I choose to implement creative exercises, meditations, visualisations, and yoga practices in my work. I have been teaching a Birth Preparation Programme with my company Seed of Life pre&postnatal care for over five years. With this programme I have seen the benefits of body and mind practices. I believe in a good balance of informing yourself about birth and the birth system, as well as doing inner work. Knowing yourself well, gives you clarity on your birth preferences and facilitates communication with your birth team.

This journey into parenthood is a leap of faith. A beautiful opportunity to work on your trust in yourself and life. I am here for you to recall how.

Thank you! I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Love, Rosanna

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